GUIGNprehenseur 1 detoure3ARD ROBOTISATION now offers you, in conjunction with our robotic cell, a dedicated department of grippers. We are currently asked for realized this type of specific application for an existing robot or other.

This service, which exactly reproduce the "robot cell" procedure follows this process : a dedicated project manager takes the questions, realizes and respects the specifications established with the customer.

Throughout the life of the project, the customer is systematically informed and/or requested for the proposed solutions or the project's progres.

The all design takes place in-house (material choices, traceability of materials (supplying material's certificates) components choices) according to the needs of the customer.

We assure the assembling, the pneumatic and/or electric cabling,  we proceed also to several trial phases in our office, until the starting up at the customer (with programming robo if need)

The methodology that made out reputation (followup, organization, serious, effectiveness) is faithfully applied.

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Picking up possible by:

- venturi (aspiration)
- vacuum pump (aspiration)
- clamp(in or out gripping, gripping jaws with adapted shapes)
- magnetic
- needle
- frost
- inductive sensor, laser, vacuum switch

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